Investing is Hard.
Our mission is to make it easier.

Our portfolio of products helps the DIY investor achieve their goals.

In 2002, Chronim Investments Inc. began helping individual investors manage their finances. Since then, we have continued to grow and expand our products and services through development and acquisitions. Husband and wife team, Kim Snider and James Hughes, originally founded the business.

In 2017, two long-time employees, Jesse Anderson and Tyler Curtis, purchased the company from Kim and Jim. For the last two decades, the business has focused on providing financial education to retail investors and developing tools to make them more successful.

Snider Advisors is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor helping clients implement the Snider Investment Method. Clients have the choice between taking our investment workshop to learn and invest using the strategy on their own or can hire us for asset management services.

As the original line of business back in 2002, Snider Advisors remains our primary focus. Historically, the financial services industry has hidden behind a curtain and made the investment process out to be complex. We broke the mold when we decided to teach our clients how to do their investments on their own. Financial security requires the ability to replace your income if and when you can no longer work. Expanding on covered calls, the Snider Investment Method has helped retirees generate real income from their portfolio.

As technology has improved since our inception, we have developed and grown Lattco to be the sole software to help Snider Advisors clients implement the Snider Investment Method. Available exclusively to Snider Method graduates, versions of Lattco range from helping our clients find the best stocks for their portfolio to a complete portfolio management tool. Lattco AutoPilot, automates nearly the entire Snider Method trading algorithm to make implementation a breeze. As of December 31, 2020, Lattco AutoPilot assets exceeded $90 million.

Lattco Throught the Years

  • April 2007 - Launch of Lattco New Position Generation
  • September 2011 - Automated Recordkeeping with API connection to brokers
  • September 2015 - Launch of Lattco AutoPilot with automated trading and complete portfolio management.

Like a robo-advisor but better, Chrisilis provides professional managed asset allocation portfolios to growth and accumulation investors. For younger investors years away from retirement, proper savings, diversification, and low fees will be the fastest way to reach your retirement goals. With all these features packed into Chrisilis, we help the next generation of investors automate their wealth.

optionDash is a covered call screening tool. It includes a free version with basic search criteria and a premium version with advanced screening criteria. Premium subscribers also have access to additional features and the optionDash Proprietary Stock Scoring System. It is designed to give covered call investors easy access to the data necessary to find the best income-producing covered call trades.

As the name suggests, TrackYourDividends helps investors keep track of dividend payments, yields, annual income, and future dividend growth. It also provides valuable insight for income investors obsessed with dividends. Premium subscribers have access to the TYD Dividend Safety Score to rate the risk of future dividend payments. With a full suite of dividend alerts and analysis, TrackYourDividends is the best tool available to manage your dividend portfolio.

Chronim Investments Inc. is focused on helping individual investors be successful. With a desire to expand our portfolio, we will continue to create, develop, and acquire useful investment tools. Let us know if you share these same goals!